Day 2 :Welcome to the world

Today, I feel like I have enough of a handle on this site to start writing my story.

Growing up in southern Alberta, you quickly realize that we have based our pride and goals completely around tar sand industries. It’s accepted by everyone as a means to live, even if it means the earth will not. I felt the pain of mother earths destruction at a young age, and even though it meant being an outcast, I spoke up for her in front of all my conservative peers. How could they not feel the pain we are causing? But no amount of words would ever be enough to change some perspectives.

So quickly I understood the only way to help is to be on the ground, where the change is happening, where healing is needed the most. I enrolled and received my Environmental Assessment and Restoration diploma in the spring of 2013.  I gained so much knowledge of our environment I could never look at nature the same. Now when I gaze upon a valley, I imagine how the landscape used to look to give way to such beautiful geological structures and plant life. I can see the deeper aspects of life now. I wouldn’t trade this perspective for anything.

Sadly, to gain a career, it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know, and getting into the environmental reclamation industry is tough. You would think with how easy it is to get a career extracting tar from the earth it would be just as easy to get a job to heal the earth, but it is not.

I became stuck in a job that had nothing to do with my love and passion for nature. I was so trapped that I could feel myself becoming bitter and resentful of my education. My beautiful education!! The thing that gave me so much joy and insight.. So I left.

Since then, I have been starting my own small business, where I can share my knowledge and love of Gaia with the world, and grow in a positive way. I have always been creative, and now I get to share my dreams with the world. I can feel the light of the universe slowly flowing back to me, and I am excited to show the world what my true love looks like.



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