Day 3 : On the grind

Today was one of those days where I had so much on my “to-do” list that not crossing it all off makes me feel I haven’t gotten any of it done. So here is some hard evidence.

First step when I wake up is to remove last nights set of rings from their mould and…

See what beautiful creations await me! Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite, and Green Selenite.

After slamming back some tasty kootney crossing coffee, and of course catching up on networking (since this is my life now), I got ready to prepare for the second step of the day.. Smashing rocks!!

Today’s victim to my hammer, Orange Calcite

Yes!! Crushing things is awesome especially when the aftermath is used as art.

After pouring a mould and placing orange calcite, serpentine, and blue kyanite throughout the sections in pairs of two, I had just enough time to enjoy some lunch. Crazy how half of the day was devoted to destroying and creating; Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

I can tell you one thing, living with cats and working at home can never be two separate things. You must integrate the kitty into your life or else..

2016-07-04 17.58.01
Love holds no bounds! They will find a way to your heart, and your lap.

But, I will always welcome their visits, and cuddles, and playfulness because they remind me to slow down and enjoy life.

After giving the kitties enough love, I was finally able to buff, grind, and polish some rings that have been piling up. I then put on some good tunes and had a photo-shoot with my lovely rings. These last few batches of crystals have been highly energetic, and I hope that everyone enjoys their beauty as much as I have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And thus ends my ring making day.

If any of my creations call out to you, let me know =)



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