Day 4: Steps to success


So maybe, technically it is day 5.. but without a blog entry to end it all off, can you really call it a day anyways??

I haven’t found a good way or place to explain exactly what Sera’s Beach creates and my methods of madness, so I thought I would add an entry to sum it up a little bit.

I create a lot of art, but lately I have been making resin rings. I never used to sell anything, but everyone seemed to like the jewelry so much, they started offering to purchase them from me. Thankfully this came at a transitional time in my life and I accepted the challenge.

The resin that I use is a high gloss epoxy resin, and it takes approximately 24 hrs to cure. I currently only have one mould consisting of 6 different sizes. This means I can create a new set of rings everyday, making it really easy for me to take special requests and try new things (lately it has been crystals) .

The first step to making a ring is to prep the materials that I want to infuse them with. It is often a blade of grass, a sparkling crystal, or a colourful stone. I always make sure to have it properly sized in order to fit snugly in the mould.

Next I mix the resin and pour it in the mould, afterwards placing the materials inside. I have to spend quite a bit of time making sure the materials are placed perfectly both before and after pouring the resin so that the patterns are aesthetically pleasing.

After waiting 24 hrs,  finally they are ready to be removed from the mould. I usually try and give them a few days thereafter to continue hardening, making it easier to perfect them later on. Once I can hold them without them becoming too bendy, I grind, buff, and polish the rings, making them comfortable enough to wear all the time.

And tada! The beauty of nature forever immortalized on your fingers.


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You can always find these beautiful finished products at my shop.



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