Surveyors Calm before the Storm

If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 Β minutes.

I grew up with this saying. Living on the edge of an ecotone, separating the mountain range from prairie landscape, the environment is constantly changing. In Alberta, the winds blow strong, coming west from British Columbia, and gaining speed down the mountain range into the east. The weather is always changing, flash floods and thunderstorms sneak up on us and blow over in a matter of hours. We have seen snow in the morning, hail in the afternoon, and heat in the evening all within the same day many times.

2016-05-17 20.00.45.jpg
Another intense cloudscape

This last week I was lucky enough to spend some time in my favorite place; BC Canada. We packed up our new kayak and hit Surveyors lake for some exploration! I once again grabbed my underwater camera and got my hands on some amazing shots.

This lake is a bit deeper than NorthStar lake, but we still had to make sure we dodged fallen logs and debris.

Dodging Driftwood

There are two sides to this lake, one is unseen from the main beach, hidden off to the side behind a small marshy area which can only be accessed through a small channel leading underneath a bridge.

Its a game of wits

But once you reach the other side, it seems less occupied, helping to connect more personally with nature. Of course I just had to get to the middle of the lake so I could take a quick dip. The water was much warmer than most mountain lakes. I felt completely at bliss!

Don’t forget about me!

We were having so much fun we didn’t notice the approaching storm until we saw the ominous clouds and began to see lightning. I started to get a little nervous. Being in the middle of a lake during a thunderstorm is not my idea of safe fun!

Calm before the storm

So we quickly paddled back to shore as fast as we could, to try and outrun the storm, or at least get a head start on it heading back to the campground. Of course the rain caught up eventually..

Water droplets on Snowberry leaves

But that would never stop us from having an amazing fire to end off an awesome day!

Feel the flame


Stay dry fellow campers, and until the next adventure, blessed be =)



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