Heated Mountain Peaks

I should have worn sunscreen

This is the first thing that I thought of the next morning after hiking high elevation in British Columbia Canada over the weekend. I made sure that I had my bells attached, so I wouldn’t scare any critters as we had when we were in Berry Territory, and I suppose it makes sense that I would learn in the same manner as before in regards to the sun on my tender skin ; Hindsight is always 20/20.

Beginning at the base of the mountain, we had to buy a pass to take a chairlift halfway up. There we parted ways, as I continued upward and onward!

See you soon!

The view up was steep, and I found myself stopping every minute or so to catch my breathe. No need to worry about excersize when you hike vertical.

Very Vertical!

I wanted to reach the sweet spot of the mountain, where the trees stop growing, the rocks show themselves, and the air gets thinner. I knew I had limited time if I wanted to catch the chairlift back down, so I boogied!

valley view.jpg
The view I saw every 30 seconds behind me

The path I chose had vertical sections, snowmobile trails, and switch backs.

twisting turning.jpg
A nice shaded break from the hot hot heat

As I got closer to the peak, rocky outcroppings became more common, which is perfect habitat for wildflower species such as the Indian Paintbrush.

indian paintbrush.jpg
Common Indian Paintbrush Wildflower

Another native species home to these rocky mountains are a small rodent species called the Pika. Pikachu, a main character from Pokemon, was named after these small animals who love to hide in rocky slopes. They are considered endangered, but I have seen a few around BC.

Perfect for the Pika!

On the way up the chairlift, another couple told us about the prevalence of bears within this area, and of an especially high risk spot called the “cedar bowl”. I thought for sure with the amount of time I had that I wouldn’t reach so far into the mountain. But alas..

There is even a little snow up yonder!

I ended up making it up the mountain, nearly to the peak, and I made sure that when I saw this sign, I jingled my bells. But, with the weather as intense as it was, I needed’t worry too much until later in the evening when things began to cool and animals like to move.

The view from behind

I walked around and enjoyed the serenity, as well as some much needed shade.

Wildflower Ox-Eye Daisy
A view from the cliff
Beautiful geologic striations of the mountain
Faded peaks from hot and heavy air

After having a small munch on an apple and granola bars, I headed back down the mountain, eager to catch the chairlift after such an exhausting hike.

A small chairlift found along the way
Did the mountain get steeper on the way down??

I was excited to find some Wolf Lichen on my trip so that I could add it to my collection of Wolf Lichen Resin Rings. This moss only grows in areas where the air is clean, and the colour is just amazing!

What a Beauty!!

And so, sweaty and sticky, I made it from the top of the mountain, down the chairlift and back home safely. I suffered from heatstroke for a few days afterwards with a headache that just wouldn’t quit. So I learned my lesson! Stay out of the heat and don’t push it if you don’t have the proper equipment =)

Until the next adventure, Blessed be,



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