From Wide Open Spaces to Rocky Mountain Ranges

I always knew that I wanted to move to British Columbia, Canada; The environment is so diverse and beautiful, it feels like you can find a private piece of paradise anywhere. Every new environment has its own small climate to live and learn, from the heated peaks of the rocky mountain ranges, to the thick interior coniferous rain forests, and of course, the damp ocean coast lines.

Heated Rocky Mountain Valleys
Thick Interior Brush Forest

Living in Saskatchewan definitely gave me a positive experience of prairie life. I was lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis for the first time with my own eyes from my very doorstep. I felt loved when meeting new family members who were sweet, caring, and compassionate. I was shown a deep country culture, where food such as deer, elk, and moose were hunted and prepared for dinner instead of my usual chicken or beef grocery store diet. I rescued a small short haired street kitty from the animal shelter to take home and love forever. Although I did love SK for many different reasons, after a long harsh winter in the prairies, I decided it was time to head west to the place that I love, BC.

2016-10-30 16.23.28
Reflections of SK
2017-02-18 14.07.38
Colorful Graffiti of the City
2017-04-15 18.21.56
Family Time at the Tree Farm
2017-04-15 20.27.35-1
Gorgeous Antler Chandelier

We drove the 18 hours from SK to BC within a week, making sure to stop by in Alberta to visit family, and introduce our newest member, Reginald Noble the house cat. It was incredible to see so many different environments by travelling through part of western Canada. To see the landscape shape change from vast dessert ranges, to tall mountain ridges, and finally thick rain forest brush was an incredible experience. Even the difference in scent is amazing; opening a window to the smell of farmers fields changed to the smell of heated pine tree bark, and blooming wildflowers.

Reginald Noble
Landscape transitioning from flat to mountainous
2017-05-13 14.30.53
Our new Backyard

The location that we moved to is largely successful due to the natural resource forestry industry. This area of interior BC is highly logged, and most of the larger cities and towns are based around lumber or pulp mills. The air quality of this location is less than ideal, as companies are constantly struggling to combat air pollutants such as sulfide, which is a byproduct of the pulp making process. Often times you will go outside and smell a strange odor, similar to that of broccoli. People who have grown up in this area often grow to have respiratory problems, and so although we just arrived, our time here is projected to be relatively short.

Natural Resource industry
Forester in the making

Here in Quesnel, it feels like we took a step back in time. The grocery stores are connected to the quiet shopping malls, and you can even buy your tobacco products with your potatoes. The houses are powered by electricity as opposed to coal and gas, and the water is free. Even the housing market value is much less than any other places within BC. My street extends up into a provincial park, and there are others located within 20 minutes of this area. So far, I love living in this quaint little lumber town. I am even able to update my product photography to represent the close relationship I have with jewelry creation and mother nature.

Tigers Eye Hanging Out with Blossoms
Prickly Rose Leaf Ring Among a Rose Bush

Until next time, you can catch me outside soaking up the beautiful BC weather.

Happy Trails!



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