Sera’s Beach was created in May of 2016 through tiring life and endless love. Each day handmade items are crafted, cared for, and tended to in hopes that they find a new home soon. Everything is a unique one of a kind, sharing their stories, bringing light into life.

Located in interior British Columbia, Canada, many of the materials collected came from the surrounding area, and never in an environmentally damaging way. These plants and crystals grew on scenic mountain cliffs, under thick forest brush, and on wide open ranges. They carry high vibration energies with them wherever they go.

Here at Sera’s Beach, I handcraft many different styles of jewelry. I have been working with crystals and plant material to create resin rings; from deep black tourmaline and sparkly iridescent labradorite, to delicate flower blossoms and brightly coloured mosses. I also loveΒ working with custom material, such as dainty lace fabric from a brides dress, or personal photographs to immortalize and be rememberedΒ forever. I am always willing to take special requests and open for any ideas. One thing I have learnt from opening my world to crafting is that people have the most exquisite minds and ideas.

Find your paradise here!

Sera’s Beach on Etsy



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